High Rankings at Minimal Cost. Here's how to get it:

One of the most overlooked steps in Online Marketing is getting your site properly ranked in the search engines so that others can find it when they search for the products or services you sell.

The truth is, if your site is not in the first two pages of the top search engine (Google), you're invisible. Most searchers do not go beyond those first two pages. At Over the Top, one of our most valuable services is SEO, search engine optimization. When done on your site, you radically improve your chances of getting traffic.

SEO that works.

SEO services vary greatly among so-called SEO Specialists. Beware of vendors who confuse SEO with Pay Per Click, or who automatically add Pay Per Click to every SEO proposal. The two are different, and only the SEO elite are confident enough of their skills to suggest that SEO can stand on its own. That's because they know what they're doing.

At Over the Top, we offer SEO services either alone or as part of our Executive Platinum Suite. We identify the best keywords for your site, then build them into your content and html codes. We add new content (highly optimized, of course), create internal and external links, and submit your site to the most influential directories and search engines.

It is not unusual, once our optimization is completed, to see multiple Page One Rankings within a few weeks or months. These rankings are worth their weight in gold to you as they drive tons of new traffic to your site—at no additional advertising cost.

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We've never seen a successful website without a strong commitment to SEO. It's an ongoing program that fuels your site with a constant flow of new visitors. Let us show you how.


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