A unique approach to Internet Marketing.

We’re committed to making our programs easy for you to use.

Over the Top offers a unique approach to Internet Marketing services for small businesses. Not only do we offer all the basics—web development, content creation, advertising, etc.—but we offer a degree of experience few of our competitors can even come close to.

We have mastered all the best tools that Google has to offer!

Over The Top Sites is a group of marketers, designers and developers specializing in creating websites that actually work. Instead of sites that just sit there draining your wallet with monthly fees and no results, Over The Top sites actually deliver results.

Our experience includes the development of thousands of websites in the U.S. and Europe, for radio stations, television stations, magazines, the federal government and businesses of all sizes. Some are incredibly complex; others are relatively simple. They all get results.

Google and Us…

Over the years, we've come to know Google quite well. Some of our staff actually worked for them, both at an executive level and as outside consultants, web designers and copy writers. We like their no-nonsense, results-oriented approach to marketing and technology, and they seem to like our work, as well.

Before our founder left Google, he had an “under the hood” look at the upcoming Google Sites technology, he practically salivated over how, harnessing our experience with over 5200 websites, we could really take them Over The Top through creative, powerful designs, user-friendly navigation, and clever integration of Google Sites apps and gadgets.

So when they asked if we'd like to create a series of new Google Sites templates that would put our concepts into reality, well…we jumped at it. Our Google Site Templates (marked by our distinctive Over The Top seal) were included in their world launch of Google Sites Templates on November 17, 2009.

Our Mission…

TWe're delighted at helping so many people around the world use systems like Google Sites to break through the last barriers to creating a presence on the Web. We like to help individuals, businesses and organizations take advantage of the strategies, tactics and marketing tools that can generate qualified traffic, convert visitors to patrons or customers, and to build strong revenue streams that previously only well-heeled corporations could afford.

Our mission is to help level the playing field for those of us with small (or non-existent) budgets. We think of it as backing David against Goliath. And frankly, we get our thrills out of it.

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