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The more one-way links coming into your site from respected sources, the more ranking you get in the search engines. It's that simple. Google rewards sites with lots of links. Therefore, build as many links as you can.

There's no one best way to build one-way links—there are two: press releases and articles.

Press Releases and Articles

Press Releases

Your Google Site is the perfect place to post your press releases. Topics and occasions for these releases are endless: new product launches, promotions, contracts rewarded, awards received, etc. But the style of release you'll want to use is a bit different from traditional “print” releases.

We'll show you some very effective ways to write your release, and how to ensure the one-way links back to your site.


Time and again, we see that underperforming Google Sites have few if any backlinks. So the search engines rank them lower than another site that has many backlinks. We'll help you conduct a link campaign that will gradually build 100's of backlinks using articles filled with keyword phrases and links back to your site. Over time, this dramatically improves your ranking in Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines/directories.

Not sure what to write about? Let us show you. Our services everything from planning and content article writing to the process of getting articles accepted by leading ezine directories (not always so easy to do!).

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