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Email marketing produces highly cost efficient results at an extremely low cost—no printing, no postage! But along with this promise of results comes a huge pitfall: do it wrong and you'll be accused of spamming. If enough people object to your emails, your entire site might be blacklisted.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent that.

At Over the Top, we've launched countless email campaigns for our clients. We can show you how to develop a strong list of willing recipients, how to avoid the common pitfalls of email marketing (i.e., avoid being labeled a spammer!), and how to get maximum return on your advertising dollar.

We'll show you why your best list is the one most of your competitors either ignore completely or don't have access to!

Full email services

We write and design email advertisements, newsletters and reports, plus all types of automated email campaigns that can run separately or that can be triggered after any event (such as signing up for a free report, a request for information, etc.). You'll learn the critical importance of testing both your list and your messages, and then scaling up only when both are absolutely rock solid.

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